How to avoid sample retriggering in mono-legato mode?

Bump, and happy new year! :slight_smile:

Have you found a solution yet dorremifasol?



I’m afraid I haven’t. :frowning: There is no way of doing it in Halion as it works now.

I think it shouldn’t be hard to implement, just keep using the last triggered sample zone if legato+fingered status is active, instead of triggering the new zone. Omnisphere for example works this way, and does absolutely wonderful sounding legato glides with sample based sounds. But since it doesn’t allow loading your own samples I bought Halion…

I hope it will possible at some point in a future release. I really want to keep using Halion, it’s a fantastic piece of software! (not to mention the money I put on it)

Please? :wink:

Sorry to be annoying about this matter. Yesterday I tried Kontakt, and of course it can do legato between sample zones without retriggering them (script editor->Preset->Factory->Performance->Unisono - Portamento, then setting Mono Mode to Legato).

It’s been many months since I started this thread and still I don’t know if that feature (if it can be considered like that, because it’s so basic IMHO) will be available at some time or not. The last thing I want to do is to buy another sampler for such a simple feature, especially when Halion 4 excels by far in all the other things.

Please! :wink:


sorry for the delay.

In fact this feature can only be used/emulated at this moment, when you are using the “Use Sample Start Range” in the Glide Options.
Important is that the “Start Sample Range” is behind the attack of the Sample.

I will force this feature in the next meeting of the developer team.

Thank you Markus!

Not implemented yet in Halion 5, AAGHhh…

But it’s so easy to implement, I can’t believe it!

Here’s hoping this function is included in the next patch.

I’m not very optimistic. :cry:

I guess I’m FORCED to use Kontakt for that.

Any news on this?

I really, really, REALLY miss this feature! Proper monophonic analog leadlines are hard to create without this… where the filter / amp envelopes do not retrigger.

The Mono / Retrigger Off / Legato combination should simply work, but it does not.