How to back-up a C7 project to disk-steps?

Hello all, I have been endlessly searching (youtube, forums) for the exact steps to ‘back up a project in Cubase 7 to disk’ (on my MACpro.) So far I have gotten a little bit of feed back but the steps I was advised are NOT working for me which is to-
Step 1 save project. Step 2 prepare archive. Then locate the session folder and open it and make sure you see a cpr file an image folder and an audio folder. Open your audio fold and make sure you see all your audio files… Last step backup the folder to a disc.

I did what was suggested (file-backup project to desktop/file-to disc) but when it is reopened-it is not fully operational (can see session but cannot record). Pop up says ‘could not create record file’. I am trying to back up sessions for future recording. Any idea what I am still doing incorrectly?

Are you trying to open a file from the DVD/CD drive? That is only the backup of a project to disc. If you wish to run a project that is backed up to a ‘disc’, you need to place it in a place that can read and write. You can’t open and save to a file on a DVD/CD drive.

Copy the backed up folder to wherever you wish to start it from then go to town.

Sorry If I misunderstood, but that is what I read into your question.

Best. :slight_smile:

Why don’t you use the “Backup project” option in the “Files” menu? Use it to create a backup on your harddisk and then burn that to a DVD.
Then you’r sure that you have backupped all the files you need.

To Jimmys69. What you read into the queston is right. Saved it, it worked-
(Thank you!) But there is a pop up that says missing files-although their there. What do you think?

That would be because you saved a project with one of the files used was not saved in the same folder. Like if you used a backing track that you had on a flash drive. If the flash drive is not there, then you get ‘missing’ files. It will still show up in your tracks or pool, but the location of whatever data you had there will be missing.

The ‘Backup Project’ option/suggestion is the best way to move every file that is used in a project to one specific location. Then you can save away and no crazy stuff later.


and if you want each file moved to your current working directory / pool, before backing up to a new directory, perform the prepare archive.