How to back up Studio Set up

HI All , Just wondering the best way to back up my Studio Set up ? as I use Metagrid which has lost of Generic Remotes , which took a while to do


To make sure, you never exported your Generic Remotes to any drive on your PC to save?

If not, hopefully you will learn to save these in the future. And, since Metagrid for many is a continual changing evolution in personal workflow, each time you add or delete a single command you need to export the updated GR to somewhere on your PC, then either over-right or create a new save.

Yes, this could very well be devastating and will take time to re-build.

There is an alternative method to re-build which avoids the GR which some day will be eliminated. You can use the new Midi Remote. However looking in the Metagrid forum, this new method is far from ready to use IMO. If it were me, I would still use the GR and re-build.

Also make sure to be doing regular OS level backups.

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Thanks for the info, not sure if I’m missing something in the reply. My question was what is it I need to back up from the Cubase files to make sure things like general midi settings are also copied .

I do use time machine, so everything is backed up, but I like to do a manual back up of important setting for my music apps , just still not sure on cubase we’re some of that is thx


What exactly do you mean, please? Could you provide an example?

I just want to manually back up all my queue by settings, including GM , prefs keyboard short cuts everything basically .

is it all in Prefs/Cubase 12 (on a Mac)

Or is there a simple function in Cubase that export all this stuff , lets say you were buying a new Mac and want to do a clean install , but have all your setting back Thx


Use the Profile Manager in Cubase to backup all your Cubase settings (if this is what you are asking for).

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Thanks, Martin, so does that include the general midi settings as well


I think the problem is no one (at least myself) understands, what do you mean by

Dam , just check the studio set up and it’s called “ generic remote”. That’s what I’m checking if that’s included

Please be polite. general midi is this

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OK, this is something totally different than General MIDI. And now the question makes sense.

Yes, Generic Remotes are included. But I would recommend to export them as XML just for safe.


Thanks again, .

I have no idea why I put GM (general midi) Set for generic remote .