How to back up the automation of a VSTi output?

Hi everyone,

When I back up very important project, I want to be able to open them again even if many of my software versions have changed.
So what I do is simply save all the settings manually and methodically, with screen capture if needed.
But there is one thing I cannot save efficiently: the automation on a VSTi output.

Say I have a Kontakt4 (1-2) output, upon wich there are send automations, volume automation and so on.

If I have to open the same multi that I was using with Kontakt 4, but this time, I want to open it with kontakt 5 and restore the automation that were applied to my 1-2 output in K 4.
How do I do this?

For a regular audio track, I would simply “save the track”, but there is no such option for a VSTi output, is there?
I would need to save the automation only.

I know this is the second time I’m lloking into being able to do this, but I haven’t been able to find a solution yet, and this bugs me a little.

Thx for your help.