How to batch export a track in various formats?

Is there a program where I could select one .wav file and export it (all at the same time) as:

.wav 16 bit
.wav 24 bit
.mp3 320 kbs
.mp3 192 kbs
.mp3 128 kbs

I’m sick of doing this one at a time! Does wavelab do this?

Bump. No one knows a program that can do this?

Try the cubase forum, this here’s the lounge, we’re too laid back for that sorta stress! :laughing:

Don’t think Wavelab will help you out either. You may want to look for some file conversion tools. :sunglasses:

Put it up as a feature request and if enough others need it then you may get something.

WL Elements doesn’t. The Batch Processor Workspace might…?

Don’t hold your breath for this multi export of audio formats in audio editors or multitrack programs.

Export once to your highest setting like .wav 24 bit, gather all the .wav files in one folder and get something that can batch all of the resulting hi definition files at once and do the .mp3 thing from there.

Maybe Awave Audio can do what you want?

If you want to do this multi export after each session I guess you’re somewhere without a paddle, though!

I need this feature because I need to export in different file formats because I’m charging different rates for them online.

I could see other places where this would be useful. Music libraries, for example, charge one price for an MP3, another for .wav and another for stems of the track.

Also, you might want a master at 24 bit, a 16 bit for a CD, a 128 mp3 for streaming off your site, a higher quality mp3 for your ipod, etc.

I doubt in all those examples more than 5, if that, would need to do so in the volume that would necessitate building it in as a DAW feature. A music library might but would you be doing more than one master a day (week? Month!?). Most studios just set aside copying time and do what copying they need then. I mean, what is it for most people? 10 minutes a day? A half hour even but then it’s in maintenance time when you put the kettle on dust the studio down, phone for the next gig, pay a bill, chase money owing or set up the studio for the next act etc.
Handy for some no doubt but then I’d also find it handy to have a studio accounting package built into Cubase too and spit out the CD and the invoice at the same time. :smiley:
Do the feature request.