How to beat ( all ) latency?

What is the buffer size calculate rate ( = speed at which one buffer is calculated to be processed at ) based upon ?

Is it the resonance of some crystal component, or what gives the different buffer sizes

What if i want to have buffer size of two ( 2 ), that is calculated 0.5 x/ twice the speed of regular buffer calculation โ€” how would i speed up my system to do that ?

If Iโ€™m not mistaken, those buffer sizes are dictated by the ASIO driver of your audio interface. Nothing that Cubase can influence.

According to this: [How Audio Interface Latency is Calculated](,%3D%20Expected%20Latency%20(ms).)

The formula for calculating the length/time of data a buffer contains is:
Buffer Size (number of samples) รท Sample Rate (kHz) = Expected Latency (ms)

The example there explains that 256 samples with a sample rate of 44.1kHz will introduce a latency of 256/44.1 = 5.8ms

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