How To Begin Mastering? - Conversion of Records and Indie Band

Hello, I hope you all are having a splendid day. I was hoping to get advice on how to start getting into audio engineering and mastering. I have Wavelab Elements 11.1, and am looking to practice mastering mixed tracks of my sister’s indie rock band, as well as using the software to record, fix, repair, and digitize my vinyl collection. I also re-starting a podcast within the next few months, so want to prepare for that. Where should I start?

One question I immediately have is the best way to save my digitized records, including the best file type for metadata purposes, and how to edit said metadata.

The Wavelab youtube channel ( has several great intro videos on these topics. I’m not trying to brush you off…that probably is the best place to start.

I archive personal media in FLAC. It doesn’t lose any information and holds all the metadata that really matters to me for personal use. ALAC may be better if you’re all-in on Apple stuff. You can freely convert between them after the fact, but the last time I tried, iTunes and Music on the iPhone wouldn’t play FLAC. And I’m one of those losers who uses a dedicated media player even in the car.