How to bounce a mix right into the project?

I’ve seen a video where a guy with Protools bounced it’s mix into the project, in real time, before exporting it.
Is there a way to do this with Cubase?

Thank you.


What si the reason? Is it necessary to do it in the real time?

You can do so. Just in the Export Audio Mixdown, enable Realtime, and also enable “Import to the Project.”

If offline export is OK, you can do so in the Export Audio Mixodwn window, as mentioned, or by using Render in Place.

This is not what I am looking for. I don’t want to export and reimport.
I want to render in real time the whole mix so that I can see how the wave looks in real time.

Thank you.

In Cubase Pro, you can record from any output Channel.

Add one more Output Channel in the VST Connections > Output. You can keep the Port to Not Connected.

Add an Audio track. Make sure the Outout of this Audio track is set to the new Output, you just created (Stereo Ou 2). Set the Input of the Audio track to Stereo Out. Enable Record on the track, and hit Record. All signal routed to the Stereo Out is recorded to the Audio track in real time.

You don’t really need to activate another output port. You can do it entirely in the mixer as follows:

  • add an audio track
  • de-activate the output routing of the new audio track
  • set the input routing of the new audio track to Stereo Out

Record your mix on the new audio track.