How to bounce click??

When I record stuff at another studio I need to print out a click track for the players. I was using the audio click but I couldn’t figure out how to record that. So now I made an instance of Kontakt with my click sample and set the MIDI click to use that instrument. So far so good as long as I realtime bounce (no offline metronome bounce apparently).

But now everytime I reopen the session Cubase loses the metronome MIDI assignment and I have to reset it. Is there some easier way to bounce click that people are using out there? Or is there a way to make Cubase remember the metronome MIDI assignment when the assignment is a VSTi?

Wow, that’s still broken? :open_mouth:

I just program a MIDI track. I find the audio click too invasive.

I have a folder with small samples of good click sounds in it (cowbell anybody) and just past them in. I use the built in audio click linked to my own sounds (as the stock cubase audio click is a bit beep bop) for initial tracking but once the basic track is there I then swap over to the sample click track so I can have It come in and out where I want it and If I need to export the click It’s there already.

Nice Tip from a “Senior Member”…Bravo! :laughing: “10 X A Centenarian” phew!

The thing is I’m writing stuff with tempo changes and I don’t really know where I’m going until I get there if you know what I mean. The audio click works great, if I could bounce it that would be ideal. I guess for now, I will just plan on reconnecting the MIDI click to Kontakt whenever I want to print it out.

Not sure what you mean by “…don’t know where I’m going until I get there…” in this specific case (not saying I don’t know the feeling in general :slight_smile: ) But I fiddle with tempo and click and arrangement a fair amount too, sometimes I want the click silent for just a section, etc. I do what one or two others have mentioned… I just set up a midi track and insert a few minutes worth of quarter notes, fully quantized. Then route that to whatever click-producing or cowbell-playing vst I want.

With that set up, I can vary the tempo as much as I want, where ever I want, cut and mute sections of the click track and so on, and it functions just like the Cubase click (except or being able to mute sections). And it’s easy to just render out as audio whenever I need to.

I guess one use case where this is not as flexible is if you rely on accents or tonal changes to signal your time signature (e.g. accenting beat “one”), and then you want to change your time signature. If I was doing it, I’d create a new midi part with the accent (or different note) as appropriate. But I admit, that’s a weakness of this approach.


Yep, a programmed MIDI track lets you be as flexible as desired. Listen to the changes in some of my tunes. :wink: