How to Bounce Individual Audio Events in Cubase Without Merging?

Hello, fellow Cubase users!

I’m working on a large film score session that includes a lot of dialogue. To save space, I’ve cut out all the silences. Now, I want to convert these smaller audio events into individual audio files using the “bounce selection” tool. However, when I select all the events and apply “bounce selection,” it merges them into one large file with added silences, which defeats the purpose and leaves me with large files again.

Is there a way to bounce each selection without creating a single large event? Essentially, I want each event to be bounced as if I were doing it manually one by one. (Which would look like the first screenshot)

Thank you!

Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 14.08.45
Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 14.08.56


You can use Render in Place instead. You can set the Mode to “As Separate Events”.

Or Nuendo can do this kind of export.

See if render in place dialogue gives you what you want…it will create a new track, but can remove or disable the original if you want. But it’s a bit more work if you have FX etc on the orig track that you want to keep live.

Thanks, i didn’t think of using Render in Place. This is a solution, however pretty long as i’ve got many elements…
What i did in the end is using the Backup Project function, it then only copied the audio i had in place and removed all of the rest.


You can Render them all at once.

Yes, i know, but it takes a certain time to render everything.
If i use the “bounce selection” tool it is almost instant (though ads silence). So the backup project works almost as good, even though it creates another folder.