How to "Bounce" MIDI Tracks to Audio Tracks

I was wondering if someone could tell me how to route a MIDI track to an audio track? I’ve got a MIDI sequence playing a VST Instrument, Battery. I’d like to send that to an Audio track but the only way I can see to do that is to physically take cables from the “outs” on my A/D converter and run it back to the inputs. Is there a way this can be done internally in Cubase without having to go through the D/A/D conversion process?

Thanks for your help!!

Set start and end points for the export

File > Export > Audio Mixdown

Then in the dialog choose the output of the VST instrument that your MIDI is driving, not the entire stereo output, and check import into project “pool” and “track”.

If you don’t disable inserts before you do this, it will apply them to the track. You may or may not want that.

or you can just solo the track

…or you can just solo the track :wink: [soloing will apply the sends as well though, if you don’t mute them somehow]

One other thing to note…if you’ve attenuated much…you may want to 0 out the volume on the VST output channel. Also the master if you’re going to solo the channel, to keep the bounce audio at a decent level.

Here’s all you ever want to know about the subject …

Kudos to JMCecil for this excellent tutorial!


Thank you all for your kind replies!

Unfortunately I saw them too late. So what I ended up doing was taking the midi track and splitting it up into individual instrument tracks. But I know better now. :slight_smile:


Or, even faster – you can RENDER.

Right click the midi track (or CONTROL+CLICK for mac) and select RENDER in place.
It will dump it down to audio in a separate track.



@rewind, you just saved me hours of pain. Thanks!

Just know that the render function was introduced starting in CB 8 ( not sure if all versions had it). Prior to 8 you had to do an audio mixdown as described above.

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Render in Place is not available in Elements or lower versions, even now as of Cubase 11. It is included in Artist or Pro versions of Cubase 11.

Thank you! Incredible timesaver!!!