how to Bounce separate audio events in one go ?

how to Bounce several audio events in a track but create new separate files(events) from project window ?
right now if i select several events on a track and bounce them it creates one continuous event.
(i know its possible with the new Render in place but i prefer to do that with bounce selection option.)

the only thing that springs to mind is creating a macro that selects the following event and then performs audio>bounce. (and keep pressing the keycommand manually.)

not completely automated, but at least bypasses one step.

(by the way i am often needing this too, it should become a feature.)

You can solve this by creating a macro that does:

1.Bounce Selection
2.Detect silence

and then you take the threshold all the way down and it wipes off the gaps.
just tried it and it worked well for me.

I agree though, that this should be a feature.

good idea.

although it may not be suitable for situations where the events’ locations and sizes are critical, placed exactly on grid (later quantization would probably displace them etc.)

or is the detect silence function precise down to a ~1-sample precision?

good idea indeed,(in some situations it would work perfect i guess)
but sometimes there are some events in between that i dont need to bounce or touch.
for example events with Vari-audio i didnt decide how they end up yet…etc…

I believe detect silence is very accurate, but still, if your event starts with silence (I do this alot for quantize reasons), then it would erase it.
So I agree that it’s not a perfect way, but it could come handy.

Mozizo - I think that this should not be a problem, if you only mark the specific events you want to bounce.

Another problem I didn’t think about earlier - this way you’ll end up having one long event (or wave file) that you wiped off the silence from, instead of few separate files.
depends on the needs, this can be a problem.

I think the conclusion is that multi-bouncing should be a feature :unamused:

yes it true, … but actually when i think of it, the bounce of selected events and detect silence will do one file even though there are events created from it…
so for me its almost the same as in the beginning… cuz i need every event as separate file…(can be done from the pool by the way, bounce from regions, but thats not what im looking for)

heh, yes. I also realized this just about now (edited my comment)