How to break a tie

Hey guys,

Does anybody know how to break an existing tie?

Besides, it looks like when tying a note to a following note, Dorico automatically merges the two into a single note, anybody knows how to disable this feature?


I’m trying to figure out how to tie one note of a chord to a different voice when some notes of the chord need to be held as one breaks off to a separate voice.

Basically there’s no good way to break a tie at the moment: you have to shorten the note (which you can do either by selecting it and typing a new duration using the number keys on your keyboard, or using Shift+Alt+left arrow). We will add a “scissors” tool that will split tied notes up into their constituent parts as soon as we can.

Derrek, you can’t edit the voice of existing notes at the moment, but this is also something that we intend to add as quickly as possible.

Curious if this had some implementation as of 2.2 ? Maybe a secret pop-over? :smiley:

Never mind… I found it.

This was implemented in, in November 2016.

Good thing I updated this thread then… it’s the first search result from Google “Dorico break tie” and didn’t have updated info. Would have been better to leave the answer as the last post in this thread, instead of this snarky crap reply tho.

I don’t think my reply was anything other than informative. You can form whatever opinion you like, but I really truly can’t see how it’s snarky.

Add another mark for “misinterpretation on a forum” then. Apology for the assumption.