How to browse instrument sounds?

I have just installed Cubase Pro 11.

I had Cubase Artist 9 before and when i added an instrument track, i could use the sounds browser to select any sound from any instrument (by clicking on attributes to filter the sounds like Guitar > Acoustic > Warm).

I can’t seem to find that view in Cubase 11. I can only see how to add an instrument track by specifying which instrument (e.g. Retrologue etc).

Any help appreciated.


Could you attach a screenshot of the window in Cubase Artist 9, you are talking about, please?

Thanks. Here it is:


How does it look like in Cubase 11 on your side, please?

Here it is:


I see. The Add Track dialog has changed. Actually, it was MediaBay window, before, now it’s a dedicated window.

To get the old view, open MediaBay window, please.

Great, thanks very much for your help. That’s clear now.