How to buy an older version of Cubase?

my idea is to buy an older version of Cubase Pro, for example 8.5. I just need to save some money and the features of Cubase Pro 8.5 are just ok for me. In future I may always buy update to hte newest version. Can I buy It directly from Steinberg?
I just found this download page:
but I’m not sure if after downloading 10GB of data and instaling it, there will be an option like “Click to buy licence”.


P.S. And also is hard for me to find “Send us your question” or “Live chat with assistant” anywhere at Steinberg website… strange.

  1. This is the german forum.
  2. Got -> Shop there you can easily see yourself, what is available for sale.

there will be an option like "Click to buy licence

no there will no click to buy the Licence, its only the Download.
Steinberg sell no licenses for older Versions, you have to buy it used.

Older Cubase licenses are sometimes available on the second hand market. Take a look at Ebay or other providers. It is easiest and safest if the license is offered together with the Syncrosoft dongle on which it is saved.
Greetings, PAT