How to bypass MIDI Remote to record normal MIDI data

I really like all the new MIDI remote feature, but how can I bypass it so I can still record normal MIDI CC messages?

Disabling the script in the MIDI Remote Manager works but it’s really, really inconvenient.

I tried mapping the Track QC to the CC(s) I want, but this records it as automation not as MIDI data.

Am I missing something?

Please open the MIDI Remote Manager, go to the Scripts tab, select the device and hit the “Disable Controller Script” Button. That’s it.

Thanks, but as I mentioned, doing that is extremely inconvenient. I need somehow to be able to quickly switch back and forth. A bypass toggle or a shortcut would do, but not going into the Remote Manager.

I tried creating a page that maps to nothing, but MID Remote still captures the controls and does not allow me to send any CC anymore.

That’s true. You have to leave those buttons/knobs/faders out of your custom surface. Please create only those elements that do not send messages you need to forward to the track.

But then I can barely use my controller
If I want to map the pads to anything, I cannot use the pads anymore.
The default behavior should be that it should not capture the messages if the controls are unmapped, that way we can at least create a page for normal MIDI messages.

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I agree with you. Will make a bug report (to myself and fix it then :wink: )


Thanks for posting this @arieln! I had the same thoughts.

A shortcut to quickly disable/bypass the entire Controller Script to switch back and forth would be really useful to many, I think.

All the best