How to Change a layouts to transposing


I am reading this page from the manual. Can anyone show me where is the Category menu?

  1. Select Players from the Category menu.
  2. In the Players section, activate/deactivate Transposing layout.

It would be nice if at the top of every webpage of online help we had the version as many of us search using google.

Ok. I searched the Dorico 3.5 and see this:

  1. Click Players in the category list.
  2. In the Players section, activate/deactivate Transposing layout.
  3. Click Apply, then Close.

Still not clear what is “category list”. I search in the manual, but they are all irrelevant!"category+list"

But I found it here:

I’m afraid you got this wrong.
You must first open the Layout options — since it is totally layout related.
The left panel would be the “category list” the manual refers to. Players’ category first setting is… Transposing Layout :wink:

[Edit] I’ve clicked on your links, and what I just wrote is there, in plain sight… Just wondering why you didn’t find it.

Your step “1” in the list is in fact step “3” on the link you referred to. If you follow the first two steps, you should be able to see the “players” category on the left.

It would be helpful to have something a bit more obvious that indicates the version on the page in addition to the url in the web browser (e.g. /v1/ ) and that’s something the manuals team is looking into.

The second result when you searched “category list” does indeed explain what that is, although admittedly you couldn’t be expected to know that from the title “Layout Options”. You could also try searching in the PDF, where you don’t have to click a link whose title might be quite different to the specific part of the page you’re looking for. Obviously we try to make our titles as relevant and helpful as possible! But in cases like these there can be a gap.

Good catch! This was from the copy-paste! Not sure how the discourse editor replaced it by 1,2,3~

Thanks @Lillie_Harris! I like the page you sent. I use the online version for it better search. But it seems it is not the case ( as It is for Cubase!).

I can be called lazy, but for our fingers that are under stress typing and mouse, it would be nice, if we could hover over the numbers and see their actual names. For instance, if I hover of circle 2, then I would pop up the category list.

Maybe, a visual index (slightly different from Finale as I describe here) would be helpful.

  1. Go to the visual index webpage. ( this can be of course very large)
  2. click on the index you are looking for, say category list.
  3. This will take you to the image in the second result with tip tools I explained earlier!

Perhaps, and adding interactivity to pictures is something the manuals team has been looking at, but I would have to balance the benefit of the work that would need to go into adding that to all the labelled pictures in the manual against the remaining work that needs to be done elsewhere in the manual.

In this instance, it seems your issue was not being able to find the category list, despite the first page in the manual that you linked to that you had found describing the full steps needed to complete the action, including opening the relevant dialog.

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