How to change acapella bpm

HI guys

Could U pls tell me how to change acapella BPM in Cubase 7; example from 115 bpm to 124 bpm?

Thank U


A what???


Tempo of acapella

I’m sorry, but a capella means unaccompanied, and has nothing to do with tempo. I don’t understand the question you want answered.


Sorry if U dont understand…I meant tempo of vocals…

Oh right. So you have recorded something in the wrong tempo and now want to change tempo?

There are various ways, but probably the simplest is to set the project tempo to the tempo you recorded at then go to the Pool, set the tempo of your audio clip to this tempo then when you change the project tempo, the audio will stretch or contract to fit the new tempo.


For example I have old disco or soul vocals which is originaly recorded in 110 bpm tempo and I want to do my edit in 124 bpm tempo.

Yes, try as I said above.


Thank U mate, Will try tomorrow and let U know if works :wink:


Time stretch.

It works both way :wink: