How to change all note expressions for a melodic line?

I made an expression map, wrote a melody, selected all the notes to and using the pencil tool, selected “staccato” articulation from Articulation controller lane. All the notes play staccato articulation. Great!

Now I want to change the articulation to Spiccato and I have to change them one at at time. Is there a way to simply select all the articulations and drag them to another articulation?

You could change your “articulation” to a “direction”. Articulations apply to individual notes while directions apply to everything from that point forward until a different direction starts. By doing that you could just change that one direction to a different direction. I hope it helps.

You can’t drag attribute-type articulations to another lane, but you can select all the notes then change to a different articulation via the Info Line.

Both good solutions. Infoline was easiest for me. Thanks!