How to change ALL tracks from Musical Time Base to Linear

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I am working on a rather big project with quiet some amount of audio and MIDI tracks.
I would like to change ALL tracks from Musical Time Base to Linear Time Base .
Is there a way to do this, or do i have to click myself through all the tracks inspectors?

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In N6 preferences, the first item under “Editing” lets you choose Musical or Linear Time Base to be your default mode when you create tracks. In your current project, if you haven’t manually changed the mode on every track to Musical, I guess you must have inadvertently changed the preference item that I mentioned. As far as I can remember it is Linear by default.
However, I don’t think changing it now will affect your current tracks, but it will change any new tracks you create after the change.
For the project you’re working on now though, unfortunately you need to manually change every single track’s time base mode one at a time. Unless I’m missing something, and other members can be of assistance.

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thank you or you answer.
i thought so myself, but hoped somehow for the opposite.
isn’t there a profound need for this when you are composing and you are shifting between inserting time at one point and inserting bars on an other while keeping track of hundreds of tracks while
still keeping in sync to lets say a video track.

If you select multiple tracks and hold down
Shift + Alt you can change the some settings on those tracks simultaneously,
but not the Time Base of all those selected tracks.

Have you tried the Project Logical Editor?

Thank you Antonio,
but in the Project Logical Editor the Timebase can not to be addressed, as far as i could see.

It is a PITA - but it helps to set up the view of those track-elements in a way were the time-base is shown even on tracks with smaller vertical high/zoom. Often that time base button is only there when enlarging the track quite a little… and regarding Midi you often have to go to the inspector first… You can change that.

That way you just have to do a little clickfest down and down and down… instead of going to the inspector track by track.

Yea you can set up the default setting for new tracks in the prefs - but when you receive that project from another studio? Usually my projects ( I am doing music only) are coming from Cubase. And tracks are set to musical usually. I like them to be in linear so first I do is having a little clickfest… after removing horrible colours :slight_smile:

Doesn’t solve your problem but if you ever need to change multiple files: Go to the pool. Click on “View/Attributes” dropdown and make sure you can see “musical mode.” Now Check Shift/select the files you want to change timebase of. With one click you can make them all linear (by unchecking musical box).

I agree this should be addressed. Have had many of those “click fests” you mentioned.

Steinberg, please fix this. Huge waste of time when you need to do it. And if you’re writing for film, it comes up often.

Thank you!!!

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This seems like such an easy feature request. Has anyone found a work around?

This was added to Cubase 8.5 via the Project Logical Editor.

A W E S O M E.
Saved me.
For some reason I did not have Musical Mode enabled by default for new tracks.

I know this is a really old thread, and the answer here got me to finally learn how to use the Logical Editor, but the default track time base should really be moved from preferences to Project Setup so it can be set for templates. I split my time composing for film and doing sfx/dialog editing/sound design etc. and I would love to have my templates reflect the type of work I’m doing, ya know?