How to change an audio sample from 432hz to 440hz

I am running Cubase 8.5 pro. I am using a 115 year old piano tuned to 432Hz.

I want to record some audio samples from my piano and use them in a Cubase project. How can I change the samples to 440Hz, or, alternatively, (easily) change VST Instruments to 432Hz?

Hi Kristina

welcome to the forum. I notice you’ve posted a similar question on various threads :slight_smile:

Let’s try and answer the question here:

Firstly, if you are just recording audio then really Cubase doesn’t care about what pitch the piano is tuned to. This will only be an issue if you need to use something like VariAudio which only allows A=440Hz.

It’s fairly simple to pitch shift the piano to 440Hz if you need to, but I think it would be helpful to find out what you think the problems will be recording the 432Hz piano ?

If you want to pitchshift the 432Hz=A piano to 440Hz=A and want to know the amount, you can go to this web site and enter the ratio of 432:440.

It says 31.766654 cents up from 432Hz to get to play with 440Hz song.

e.g. record some tones of the piano, drop that to a sampler track, then tune the samples up by 31.8 cents and it plays in tune with conventional 440Hz song.
BTW I am quite curious about how the 115 years old piano sounds, please record something and upload it. :slight_smile:

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Hi there @Dr.Strangelove, the piano cannot be tuned to 440 without risk of damaging it. The question/problem asked was (1) how to change the pitch of an entire sample at 432hz in Cubase so that I can use other VST Instruments, or, alternatively, (2) how to change the pitch/tuning of an entire VST instrument down to 432.

I would “welcome” any solutions! :wink:

Thank you @TakashiWatanabe! Looking forward to trying this!

I totally understand that - what I’m saying is that there might be no reason to change anything. Lots of VST instruments have a ‘tuning’ option built in so that you can tune them down to match ?

What VST instruments are you planning on using ?