How to change appearance & location of Chord Symbols in Score Editor? (on Mac)

(Preface: I own Cubase 12 and Dorico 4 and iPad, but for now am stuck on Cubase 11, trying to create printed parts in Score Editor, as I heavily use Cubase’s composition functions like Chord Track, Arranger, Tempo Track, as well as drum maps, etc.)

Last night I read the entire Score Editor manual and am generally getting around just fine, but am stymied: displaying both Markers and Chord Track, the chord symbols are ginormous, crashing together in places and drawing over the top of the Marker names, yet I can’t find where to work this out:

  1. How to change the font and size of chord symbols displayed above the staff (currently a single staff with the melody)? The default is just too big
  2. How to adjust the layout positioning of the entire Chord Track and/or Marker names, so that they are not colliding. (Gee, you’d think that Auto Layout would be smart enough to do this…)

I get that I can move individual chord symbols, marker names, etc. with the Hand tool, but essentially I want to change the overall layout by adjusting the placement of the chord symbols.

Related question: the Chord Symbols appear to be on the Project Layer and Marker names are on the Note layer 1 for some reason (I’d have thought that both would be on and Layout layer, but hey, I’m just figuring this thing out). Can these be moved to other layers, so they can be locked?

Thanks in advance!

For the Chord Symbol size: Score Settings>Project

For the Markers (and other elelments):

Thanks! I didn’t see the Chord Symbols size options because my Chord Symbols Font boxes were blank:

What’s more, they still show blank after I click on them and select a size!! (MacOS Mojave 10.14.6, Cubase Pro 11.0.41 Build 448) Fortunately, it does take the specified sizes, so big improvement there.

Is it possible to effect the overall placement of Markers and Chord Symbols as part of the Layout or Project, so they’re not drawn on top of each other? The workaround is to go manually move each of the Marker names, but I’d think that showing both Chord Track and Markers, per the Scores | Advanced Layout menu, is common enough that I’m not the only one to see the issue…

Glad you got it going. Maybe someone else will jump in to answer your other questions.

As far as the missing menu text goes, If I were you I would start a new topic about that single thing. Actually, you might get beeter results here by keeping each of your threads to one topic.

The blank chord symbol boxes is still a problem in 12.0.50 on Mac