How to Change Audio Record disk?

Can someone give me a step by step on how to change the location where audio files are recorded? I have searched high and low and still cant figure it out. Right now the project is on my F drive but I want to record audio to a folder on my H drive since it is a faster drive.

Thanks in advance for any help!!

When you ‘Save As’ a project, you have the option to which drive you want to save to. If you started the project on another drive, you may want to ‘Backup Project’ to the drive you want to record to just to make sure all of your files are in the same project folder on that drive. Then open that project from that drive every time. Always create a new folder for each project on the drive you want to record to in order to keep your sanity.

Cubase defaults to the main OS drive ‘C:’ when I start a new project. I need to tell it where to go if that is not what I want.

Folder location/management is very important as you are finding.

Ahh okay, so the only way is to have the whole project be on the target drive then. I guess that makes better organizational sense so that files arent scattered over multiple drives, thanks man! :slight_smile:

Yes, you want your ‘separate’ project folder to contain everything. Audio/Images/Melodyne/cpr, etc… One folder for each project. If you don’t, you risk deleting part of the project.

For instance; if you recorded audio to C: and had a shared project that saved to that folder and deleted it, you would result in missing audio for the other project.

It seems inefficient at first but after you have multiple projects you will understand why Cubase does/needs separate folders that include everything. You just need to make sure everything is placed correctly.

Again, if you are ever in doubt, make a ‘Backup Project’ to a new folder as to guarantee you have everything where it needs to be.

I learned a lesson the hard way a time or two. …

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Also right click on a track in the arrange page and choose set record folder.

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