How to change bpm

I have Dorico for iPad 1.2.2 from the App Store and am running iOS 14.8. I have not been able to change bpm away from 60bpm regardless of the setting I input to the tempo panel. What am I missing? Thanks.

Figured it out.

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Actually, the ‘b’ in bpm seems to mean ‘bars’, not ‘beats’. If I set my tempo on the whole note rather than the quarter note, I get the playback speed I’m looking for.

No, bpm definitely refers to beats. There must be something amiss here.

There sure is. As a practice matter, setting quarter note to 120bpm plays back at one quarter note per second.

Did you check here? Input methods for tempo marks (

I have checked that quarter note bpm is correct on the music sheet and on the top bar of the playback tab, and the actual playback is slow by a lot.

It would help if you posted your project (or a few bars of it that show the problem).

How do I do that?

Click the upload button and select the fileupload

While you’re here, is there any way to duplicate a project?

I can’t speak to how the iPad version works.

I don’t seem to able to get project files out of Dorico…

PDF, anyway.

01 - Full score - Untitled Project 2.pdf (32.8 KB)

01 - Full score - Untitled Project 3.pdf (32.7 KB)

My guess is you are in fixed tempo mode.
See Changing the tempo mode

Not clear to me if the blue light on means fixed tempo or not. If I use the tempo control to set quarter note to 120, the playback is the same with blue on or off, i.e., slow. If I set whole note to 120 the playback is correct when the blue light is on and it shows 120bpm. However, if I just toggle the blue light off, the playback tempo display reverts to 120 for the quarter note and the output is slow again. Toggling the blue light restores the quick playback.

Blue light means “play the tempo as marked in the score”.
No light allows you set any quarter note fixed speed (on PC I just click and drag the number up/down. I don’t know the equivalent on iPad) - this ignores any tempo changes written and plays at a fixed speed.

Personally I find this useful for checking the detail of fast passages.

And I find it useful for quickly proofing slow music!