How to change colour of waveform in sample editor?

As per screenshot, i’m wanting a light background for my editor, but the audio waveforms seem to be fixed light grey - no matter on what settings i change in Event Display > Audio, or if i change the track colour in the main project window.

Anyone know how i can get the waveform a different colour (darker)?

Running latest v10.0.40/Win10


You can’t change this waveform colour in the VariAudio section of the Sample Editor.

Annoying isn’t it…? Its been requested that the user should be given control over how this displays - maybe a little ‘intensity’ slider at the bottom of the window, or whatever… Would make it user friendly… :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarification on that Martin,

And yeah, It is a bit crazy considering you can change the background colour but not the foreground/waveform. But the more i think about it, i can’t remember any time i’ve done waveform editing in the lower window so should be ok if i just leave it, i’ll try with hitpoints and variaudio tuning elements as i do use them in that window, but sure they’ll be ok.

I wonder if the option is hidden somewhere in the config files even if there’s no interface option that exists to change it, i may go investigating later lol. :slight_smile:

I also use white background and had the same issue. Deleting the preferences and setting them up new solved that issue.

I can’t seem to figure out how to make the waveform in the sample editor more visible either. Any options in CB 11 to make it more visible?

ever anything come of this?
light gray… one fixed color?
or can it be made darker?