How to change condensing to two stem directions?

Is there a way to tell Dorico that I’d like this to be shown as two voices (stem up / stem down)?

Yes. Put a condensing change with those manual settings until you put another condensing change set to reset.

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You can also change the per-flow defaults for condensing approaches in Notation Options > Condensing.

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It would be nice if you could specify the frequency for the appearance of directives such as a2, div. and “1. or 2. or 3., etc.”. Say, “Once within X number of bars”. In the attached example, only the first is needed to provide context for the rest of the passage. Also, the placement needs to be aligned vertically and placed closer to the note and the space in a 2 ideally eliminated.


Check out Engraving Options > Condensing.

And note that this alternative is a matter of a couple of clicks in Notation Options > Condensing (globally, though you could choose to do it locally via Condensing Changes too)

Thank you so much, everyone! Such great support on this forum!