How to change Cubase 11 to a Light Theme?

Does Cubase 11 have a standard light theme (with all the colors already working together)?

I see I can change all the colors in Preferences > User Interface, where I could create a complete custom color scheme, however, because I am newer to Cubase, it would probably take much experimentation to get all the colors working together, and probably some things would still not show up because of colors that are too similar. And this could take a few hours. Are there some standard color themes already worked out?

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I always set my key editor areas to white, that brightens it up enough for me. but its all trial and error messing about with colours scheme colours, no presets I’m afraid.

Cubase has 4 “starter” color presets:
(refresh page or open in full screen tab to restart animation)

You can save colors (and other prefs) for individual recall by using the Save marked preferences only checkbox:

Then you can call up your saved presets:
(refresh page or open in full screen tab to restart animation)


Thank you. I guess I’ll have to play with it, after I save the default colors.

Thank you for the detailed animations and instructions. I will play with the colors.
BTW cool image of the original Mod Squad. Haven’t seen them in a while.

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this should be a feature request…

some are better than others, to make these color schemes.Plus it can take a lot of time.