How to change existing midi when changing time signature

working with Cubase 12 Pro.
I have a midi track and my song has a time signature of 4/4.
Now I change the time signature to 6/8. And I also want to change the midi accordingly.
Is this possible via Logical Editor? If so how?
Or any other method?
Kind Regards, Peter


6/8 is basically 3/4. So do you expect to delete last 1/4 of every single bar and shift all other bars 1/4 to the left? Or do you even feel it as double-time as it is 6/8?

What I would do:

  • Select Cut Tool.
  • Make a cut at the point of the 6/8 Signature event.
  • Hold down Alt modifier and click 4 bars after the first cut. This will make repetitive cuts every 4 bars, i.e. the original 4/4.
  • Hold Shift + double-click the 1st event after the 6/8 Signature event. This will select all the MIDI Parts after the 6/8.
  • Shorten the MIDI Part by 1/4 from right. All the MIDI Parts will become 3/4.
  • Unfortunately the left step is more manual. Now you have to move all the MIDI Parts manually to the bar start.

Thanks for your answer.

The idea was as follows. In logical editor there are these functions “half tempo” and “double tempo”. Which shift and change the length of the notes. I was wondering if something is possible for changing the time signature as well.
Let’s say they notes represent a rythmical pattern. I wanted to tranform the pattern to a different time signature. It may be some kind of experimental. I just wanted to know how it would sound.
In the end it should be some kind of mathematical operation. Probably it does not make any sense and would sound weird. But I’m curious.

Cheers, Peter

Can the time signature be changed in the in the score editor to achieve this?

Nothing would happen here other than if the signature were changed in the project window.

Could you post a screenshot with an example pattern how this should look like at the beginning (4/4) and after editing (6/8)?

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If I understand your question now… Load the Logical Editor “Double tempo” preset and change the Parameter 1 for both bottom lines to 1.5.

Is this what do you want to get?

Yes that’s it. I did not see that you can change the values in the preset.
IMHO the value should be changed to 1.25 in that case. Whatever.
Many thanks for pointing me in this direction.