How to change instrument used in a drum kit?

Hi-- I am struggling trying to achieve something in Dorico, but I think the underlying problem is I don’t know what I’m doing inside of HALion. I put together a video showing the issue in the products because it is easier than making sure I describe everything properly, as I am completely new to all of this.

The key question, I believe, is at 2:00 in this video

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Hi… I originally asked in this thread… and haven’t resolved yet… however, I made some progress.

I’ve created this video to show what I’ve done to save lots of typing, and quite possibly describing something wrong as I’m completely new to all of this.

In short… I’ve

  • made a new note head
  • made a playing technique
  • assigned that notehead to a playing technique
  • setup my expression map to set that technique to reduced velocity
  • setup my percussion map to use that instrument and playing technique

What I seem to be missing is how to assign the correct sound to the note that is being applied… or, perhaps there is something else I’m missing.

My end goal is as described in the original post… make it so that I can easily adjust the snare technique/sound using Shift+Option+Up/Down regardless of playing technique, instead of having to do something different (e.g., apply scale or bracket parameter override) for ghost notes.

Thx much in advance!