How to Change Key Signature


I’m trying to change my Key Signature (at bar 17 of a piece). I select the first note of the bar, do Shift-K, fill in the pop-up box with the new key signature - and then nothing. Nothing that I can see changes in my score. I don’t see the new signature, nor do the currently displayed accidentals change.

Could someone tell me what I’m missing here? Thanks.

When you say “fill in the pop-up box”, what exactly are you typing? The syntax is upper-case letter for major, or lower-case for minor, e.g. d for D minor or E for E major.

If the program doesn’t recognise the input, nothing will happen. See attachment for your options, taken from
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Hi again. Thanks for the replies!

I’m aiming for “Db” (picture attached).

However, it doesn’t seem to matter at all what I type. Right now it seems to be ignored in all cases.
So What (trumpet solo) (944 KB)
Db Pop-up.jpg

When you press Enter, what happens?

When I press Enter, the bar numbers flash (repaint), and that’s the only thing I see happening.

Is this by any chance a part for a “No key sig” instrument? In that case you would see a double bar at the end of the previous measure, and any other instruments in the score would actually receive the key signature.
edit: Yes it is. In Setup mode, choose “Change Instrument” and from the list of trumpets, choose “C” instead of “C No key sig”.

Ah, very good. Thanks!

So “No Key Sig” means that instrument (flow) cannot be given any key signature info? (and all accidentals are explicitly displayed?)

Yes, that is a convention for horns and trumpets in classical scores due to their history as valveless instruments, restricted to a particular overtone series. See here for a detailed explanation.

Very interesting! Thanks much.