How to Change Key Signature?

When I export a MIDI track from Cubase, and import it into Dorico, it produces a score, but not the correct key signature. Shft-K produces a popover, but there is no way to enter e flat minor. How can I tell Dorico that my file is in e flat minor.

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Enter eb (both letters in lower case).

Nice. That put the right key signature in, but nothing changed in the score. I have d# instead of e flat . . . ?

Have a look in the Write menu > Respell. There are various options there.

Thank you very much. I’ll look in there and report!

Write - Respell - Respell Notes Automatically did the trick. I couldn’t find anything on changing the key signature while searching and reading the manual, or on youtube. You just saved my life. Thank you. stevenjones01 !!!

When entering key signatures in the popover:
An upper-case letter will give a major key and a lower-case letter will give a minor key. # will enter a sharp (duh!), and b will enter a flat.
Bb = B flat major, bb = B flat minor;
F# = F sharp major, f# = F sharp minor;
C = C major, c = C minor.

In case it helps in future, inputting new notations is essentially the same as changing existing ones: you replace the old one with a new one. Therefore the instructions for adding new things work just as well on music with existing key signatures, time signatures etc.

There is also one page that tells you how you can change existing notations by re-opening the corresponding popover, as the process is the same for lots of notations.

Yes. Works. Thank you thank you thank yous!!!