How to change multiple channel outputs fast ?? Cubase 5

Usually i have a set-up that has 24 channels
inputs from channel 1 mono in 1 up to channel 24 mono in 24. that i can save as a preset.
Usually all outputs are Stereo Out, but sometimes when i want to mix with my analog mixer i like to change outputs to channel 1 mono out 1
channel 2 mono out2
channel 24 mono out 24

Is there any fast way to do this… i mean faster than clicking channels one by one…
Is there maybe a way to save a preset ? or can i tell channels after 1 to follow in numerical order or something ?
Working on Cubase 5


There’s a modifier key to hold while changing the first in the mixer. You have to select all desired tracks, first.

Does that mean that i need to find it from the “key commands” list ? If so do you have any idea what it’s called. I just went through the list an hour ago and it didnt catch my eye…

Shift on PC.

Thank you so much. Really helped.