How to change pitch of audio

I have made a new cubase 6 project and imported some audio into the project (about 30 bars or so).

How can I change the pitch of the audio? I’d like to change everything down a semitone or so.

Click on the audio that you want to modify. Audio- process- pitch shift.
Or “right” click and process - pitch shift.

right click on audio -> Process -> Pitch Shift

there is also a way of globally transposing ( if you have multiple tracks) - maybe someone else can explain how it works… I haven’t used it yet…

on the side: i love live for audio mangling… so intuitive, such fast workflow… I think we need to work on that in some areas—

a simple and fast way is to set up the pitch/transpose in the info-line.
every region has its own pitch values.
the sound quality may not as good as e.g. audio/process>pitchshift, because of the realtime algorithm (but you can change the algo in the prefs)
This procedure should be very ok for a litte bit tuning between 1-5 semitones e.g.

yep works a treat!


all hail the info line! :stuck_out_tongue:


And what if you want to pitch down a bass drum that’s played through a vst instrument. The pitch wheel doesn’t work. A classical realtime pitchshifter would be nice.

I don’t believe I could explain it better than the amazing Chris Selim (Cubase hero!!!):