How to change presets in Amplitube 5 or VST Amp Rack with midi controller keyboard controls?

Hi, I’ve recently been experimenting with Amplitube 5 and VST Amp Rack for my guitar sounds and I love them. .Could anyone please tell me how to change sounds using the buttons on my midi controller keyboard, for example from a clean to a distorted sound, or one saved present to another, or switching a delay pedal on and off etc. Also, is it possible to change from a sound in Amplitube to one in VST Amp rack with the click of a button?

I don’t yet own a MIDI foot controller, but I do own an M-Audio Oxygen 61 keyboard controller.

Usually I can assign the controls on the Oxygen to functions in Cubase by right clicking and doing ‘Learn CC’, but I can’t see this in Amplitube or VST Amp Rack, and especially can’t figure out how to assign buttons to different guitar presets. So if anyone can help me, that would be much appreciated!


You cannot select specific preset. But in the Key Commands, there are “Next Preset” and “Previous Preset” commands available. So these are surely available within Generic Remote too.

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