[HOW TO] Change root key played in Fixed pitch mode?

Hi. Wondering something that I hope someone can help me out with.

I have been fooling with the fixed pitch mode in the sample edit tab, but am having an issue changing the root key to which gets played when in this mode. When I enable fixed pitch mode it only plays in C3. I can change the root key in the sample, zone and mappings tab to anything but, however, C3 still gets played and I cannot seem to change this.

Is there a way to actually set what you want the root key to be at when playing a patch in fixed pitch mode? Can it only be hard set to C3 and nothing but?

Thanks for reading, hope someone can help.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do. I’m assuming that you want to change the pitch of the sample playback but, in fixed pitch mode, the pitch will only play at the pitch of the original sample. If you want to hear the sample at a different pitch, use either the zone or layer Coarse tune parameters to transpose. Does this work for you?

Hi there, thanks for your reply, I do appreciate it. You are right in both respects. I do want to change the pitch of the sample playback and again, you are aright that I probably should do it via the tuning knobs in the Zone page as that does work upon trying it out. I had no idea that fixed pitch mode will ‘only’ playback the sample at its ‘original’ pitch. I thought you were able to set the pitch you wanted the sample to play back at and the fixed pitch would keep it at this set pitch which is why I tried to set the pitch via the root key as that is the value the fixed pitch reads from, but that did not work. I had the right idea, just going about it wrong I guess.

Thanks again.