Hello There.

I would like to ask you for a help how to change a BPM ( TEMPO ) of any loop .

For example i have 128BPM and i want change this loop and set a tempo to 130BPM.

I tried to do it by changing tempo on 130BPM but the loop was not changed to 130 BPM.

Please take a look on 2 pohotos

I hope you will help me.

Thank you so much

You need to put the loop in “Musical Mode”. Either in the pool or in the sample editor. Then it will “stretch” or “shrink” to match the project tempo.

Hello .

I would like to ask you one more for help.

I tried to do it by double click on loop and inside loop i set from 128 BPM to 130 BPM desired Tempo but this settings doest help me much :frowning:

Please take a look.

Can you help me ? Or can you make any photos how to do it correctly ?

Thank you

Hi GM,

your problems are a little elementary, and I am replying before someoone else may tell you, albeit a little harsher, to have a browse at the basics in the manual, which is also my own recomendation, What your having problems with will be easily sorted by taking some valued time and taking the steps we all have had to do at some point, and look at the operation manual. it is the only way you will progress in using Cubase, as this is no garageband or Ableton by any means. it is probably the most powerful professional music workstation software on the market bar NONE, and when you realise that, you’ll come to terms with having to do the hard graft of learning the software to its fullest. :smiley:

What your did in your last post is incorrect, all your doing there is telling cubase the wrong tempo for the loop, instead of entering the correct tempo in either the part editor or the audio pool, or even in Mediabay…then setting the audio to musical mode (to do that, I suggest to read in the manual about @Musical@ & @Linear@ modes of operation.

Well I was looking into MANUAL but i really still dont understand how to do it :frowning:

Page 463 on… Read :stuck_out_tongue:


I found the way how to set the tempo for your desired BPM :slight_smile:

Just 3 Clicks and my tempo of recorded audio is setted finnaly to desired BPM


Hey guys, I have the same problem.

However, I have a bunch of sliced samples and I get “Cannot put sliced audio in musical mode”. Is there an alternative to using “bounce audio” if I want to put all my slices into musical mode? The problem with bounce audio is that it converts everything to a single audio clip which is unwanted!

As you learn. If the way to do anything is as simple as three clicks keep a small notebook just for Cubase and write them down together with the manual page number. Also note down complex moves or subjects (by only the type ie: “Automation”) plus any related page numbers. Writing sets your memory better.
There’s so much to learn that simple steps are often forgotten. Saves trying to remember what page or term to look for.

Contorol +(T) in windows
Cmd +(T) in mac