How to change text size of lyrics other than word by word

Cubase 11:

I had to change the text size of lyrics of some specific cue notes to smaller size. This turns out to be kind of a usability nightmare, what am I doing wrong?

My expectations:

  • Select all lyrics of which the font size needs to change.
  • right mouse click select “set font”
  • change the size to desired
  • apply

Result: Yep text size has changed alright, but the lyrics of all notes has been changed to the first word selected. :frowning:

So I have to do this word by word I guess, or is there a better way?

This is not what is happening here. Only the selected texts are processed, and nothing else.
The result is perfectly conform to the expectations you laid down.
Are you sure?
Unless I didn’t understand correctly what you want to do.

Go on the “Notepad” register - not on “Selection”

Ah Bertram thanks for your reply - you are right, [solved] the “notepad” tab must be active, not the “selection” tab.

Go on the “Notepad” register - not on “Selection”

Also I just realized that in Cubase 11 it makes more sense to use the right zone properties now -> no more right mouse click needed! :smiley:

Sorry I misread, I thought you were talking about the lyrics size only, not the texts.
And yes, the right zone is great.
Glad that it’s solved, thank you Bertram.