How to change the beaming of sixteenth note triplets?

I have a sixteenth note triplet phrase like so:

Since the base rhythmic feel is eight note triplets, I would like to beam the notes in pairs of two so there are two sixteenth notes for every eight note triplet. Is this possible?

Yes, you can edit beams manually:

If the base rhythmic feel is eighth note triplets, why not notate this passage as a sextuplet? Not only will you avoid the secondary beam gap between the 3rd and 4th sixteenth as well as the triplet brackets, both of which strengthen the feel of a division in 2, but it will encourage the feeling of three groups of two sixteenths. If you want, you can still break the secondary beams manually.

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How do I enter a sextuplet? Doing 6:4x with the notes selected does not change anything.

To change two triplets to a sextuplet, you must first remove the triplets, then apply the sextuplet.
Insert mode ON!(I)
Select both tuplet lines and delete (don’t panic when any later notes shift around)
Select the 1st note and convert to your sextuplet (; 6:4x)
Turn off insert mode.

If one defines the triplet as an eighth-note triplet, the beaming falls into place automatically.



The procedure to get to the correct result is a little convoluted with Insert mode, deletions and what not, and required many attempts to get it right, but now it’s fixed. Thank you for your help!

Glad you got it sorted. Convoluted? Perhaps, but this is (I think) one of Dorico’s most powerful features. Once you get your head around what is happening, it will become second nature.