How to change the color of the midi notes?


I noticed on several Cubase 7 videos that the midi notes are not high saturated red, instead, they are blue or yellow…etc
How do I change the color of the midi notes inside the midi editor ?

Off-topic question:
How do I boost the volume of the entire mix? Which dynamic plugin do I insert on the master fader?

Thanks in advance

You change the note velocity, or you change the color scheme for the events in the toolbar

To boost the volume, you raise the fader.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I know that when I edit the note’s velocity the color changes. But I meant in my question if I can change the default color (which is a high saturated red) to other hue…?

I know that when I raise the fader the volume increases, but what if I raised the fader to its maximum level and I didn’t get the result that I’m searching for…in this case… Which dynamic plugin do I load in order to boost the output signal?

Because the CC11 are edited for at least 115 instrument, I don’t want to re-edit each cc11 for each instrument section. That’s why I’m searching for a plugin in order to boost the signal.

Like sound-booth said, look in the Key Editor’s Color menu (in the extended toolbar). If you don’t see it there, right-click in a blank space on the toolbar, to customize what is visible there.
The notes are colorized, optionally, according to velocity, or MIDI channel, or Pitch, or Part (i.e. the color that the MIDI Part has in the project window), etc… Whichever of those is the one you are using, you can then click on “Setup”, at the bottom of the Color menu, and customize the colors for that particular color mode.

That reads like you are trying to boost the levels by just the MIDI controllers of your instruments. In the case you are describing, you should rather be boosting the audio output of those instrument channels. That way, your CC#11 editing is preserved, but just turns up the overall volume for the instrument (and will give you up to an extra 12db).
you could route all those instrument tracks to a sub group instead of directly to the main outputs, and just boost the subgroup level.

It worked- thanks

why don’t you use the gain knob in the master section to boost signal ?

Thanks zawolf
You mean gain ’ knobs ’ on the editing window of the master bus ? because each frequency range has its own gain knob.

Do I boost all of them to the same dB level?

no, I mean the “pre gain” knob wich is bottom left in the pre section

it’s in red in the picture below

Ohh! okay! thanks :slight_smile: