How to change the distance between the left-hand page edge and the start of the music?

More specifically, I would like to set the distance indicated by the green line to 0. The image is for inclusion in a webpage and becomes easier to handle if there is absolutely no margin between the left-hand “page” edge and the leftmost tip of the brace.

Thanks for reading and cheerio!

If your margins are set to 0, you’ll get this:

You probably have the first system of the flow set to indent. Layout options–Note Spacing, set to 0.

Well, actually you’ll want to set that to 0, and set the margin to something a little higher, so the brace is included on the page.

Thanks! It works perfectly if I set the indent to 1 5/8 spaces.

is it possible to change the brace symbol using other fonts? sorry if a bit OOT

I think there are options in Engraving options. And you could use Music Symbols editor in Engrave menu to change it — never tried this though.