How to change the Event name in an Arranger Track

I am using Cubase Elements 12.052 and Windows 10 Pro. I have added an Arranger Track to a Project and have laid out the arranger Events, such as Intro, Verse and Ending. The Events are labeled as A, B, and C. How do I change the Event names from A,B, and C to a more specific name. I can change the name of the Arranger Track by double clicking and inserting a new name. That procedure does not work for the individual Events. I have opened the Arranger Editor and tried to change the names there with no success.

I spoke with a Tech in the Chat and he told me that he did not know of a way to change the names. Does anyone have experience with this issue and /or can someone give me some guidance?

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RTFM, i would say :wink:

I know that and I did RTFM!
Pages 264 -265.
Double click did not work on the track nor in the Arranger Editor.

IYRSFS, answer my question!

Never mind!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude (thus the smiley), but it wasn’t clear from your description that you already tried the procedure described in the manual (you’d be surprised how many people forget to search the manual for the simplest procedures…)
Anyway, I used the arranger track just yesterday myself (in C12.0.52 Pro, but its the same in Elements), and it works as described in the link I provided, either click the name of the event in the info bar and type, or opt-click the name in the arranger chain.

If it does not work for you in Elements like that and you think its a bug, you should tag your post with the issue tag and describe how to reproduce it. You could also try starting Cubase in safe mode with
preferences disabled and see if that changes anything.

I will try to relabel again later today.

Besides posting on the forum, I used Steinberg Chat and a video course of 20 videos for Beginning Cubase (sent email to developers). Both sources stated that itt could not be done in Cubase.

My apologies for my rudeness as well. My frustrations with Cubase were showing. I have used Cakewalk and Sonar since inception
so I am familiar with DAWs. The former is simple compared with Cubase. The latter came with the Steinberg UR44 audio interface that I bought about 5 years ago.
I just never took advantage of the DAW, but the interface has been an integral part of my setup. When I completed a dedicated studio, I decided to give Cubase a try.

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It Works!