How to change the fontsize of the title

I want to change the size of the title font. When I doubleclick on the title, a menu opens, in which I can change the font size, but it doesn´t have a function. After changing the font size the size is still the same as before. Why? It´s quite confusing.

Have you checked Paragraph Styles?

Yes, that works. But why is there an edit menu, when I doubleclick the title, and all changes in the menu doesn´t have an effect?

Are you actually selecting the text or just double-clicking the text box?

Ah, I didn´t select the text. But if I doubleclick the text, the text disappears and there is the token. So, I can´t select the text, but I have to select the token. Thats kind of weird, but it works . So thanks for your help.

The token generates the text. Whatever formatting you perform on the token will be reflected in the text it generates.