How to change the main output of the VST instrument

Hi all,
I have been digging in the manual and over the internet for a while, but I have not found the answer yet. I want to change the main output of the VST instrument from the 1st bus to another one. I have a plugin with different outputs for different channel configurations (e.g., 5.1, 7.1, 7.1.4, and so on). So, when I activate the output for 7.1, I still have active the main stereo bus. I do not use it and it only takes place in the mixer (when I hide it the whole instrument track is hidden as well). Is it possible to change the main output and how? Thanks.

OPen the Audio Connections//Outputs and right-click on the bus that you want to be the Main Mix. In the appearing context menu chose “Set this bus as Main Mix”.

Hi Johnny,
Thanks for the quick reply, but I was talking about VST instrument outputs. Please see the image

I apologize that I did not describe it better.

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The list of Outputs in your pic is determined by the VSTi. The menu in your pic is where you set which of of these Outputs are available to Cubase. When you enable an Output here it will become available in the MixConsole.

However if you are trying to send the Audio from your VSTi to an Output other than the default Output - that needs to be done in the VSTi and not Cubase.

So it’s a two step process 1) enable the output in Cubase 2) in the Virtual Instrument route your audio to the desired Output.

As far as I understand the question, it is about disabling the main output of an instrument when another one is already selected, and I doesn’t seem to be possible. I don’t know whether that is inherent to the VST3 spec, but I cannot find an info about it either. Seems like Cubase doesn’t simply allow to deactivate the default bus.

Yes, I come to the same result. Maybe we should raise the feature request. For multichannel synths, it would be useful to have the possibility to change the main output of the VSTi (to have a little cleaner mixer).

Well, in the mixer you could simply toggle the visibility of the main output to hide it. Doesn’t work in the arange window, though.