How to change the Project Audio Folder?

I can’t find my way in this problem:
I often start a new “song” from and old song, let’s call it Song A. Erasing all the parts from Song A, and recording some new. It’s because I produce a lot of backing Tracks for musicals.
I then use the “Save As” command to save the song to a new folder with a new name, lets call the new song: Song B.
After the production is finished, I bounce the master and remember to set the output path to A NEW Audio folder in the Song B folder.
Then I reimport the master to the project and cut the file and create a fade in and fade out, then i use the “Bounce Selection” to create a new audio file, ready for mastering in Wavelab. But this new master doesn’t end up in the Audio folder in Song B, it goes to the Audio folder in Song A!!!
So I manage to save the song in a new folder, but I have to move the audio file by hand.
Cant’ that be managed in a more easy way?

After you have loaded and erased all the parts from Song A, use Back Up instead of Save As. This will ensure everything in Song B points to the new folder you select.

Save As is more useful for changing the name of a Project.

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Yes I think that’s the only way to do it. Seems a bit strange to call it “back-up” because I want to MOVE the project to new folder.
Thanks anyway!

I’ve been trying to do the same thing… essentially bringing up a previous project and then “saving as” to create a new one. This greatly helps in maintaining much of the similar sound, plugins and process since I am recording and mixing multiple songs for the same artist.

As a result of “save as”, a new project and associated files is allowed to be created but all new audio is still recorded to the previous location. I am not finding where this can be changed

Use “Backup Project…” which will create a new Project in its own dedicated folder with an Audio sub-folder that has all of the Project’s audio in it. After that you can delete the old Project if you want.

I agree with Musicmind, it is a poorly named function that implies it is part of some file backup scheme. I think it would be better & more accurately named Replicate Project.

Regarding “Save as…” - it is best used for creating variants of a Project in the same folder as the original Project. For example 2 different mixes/arrangements of the same song. I often use “Save as…” to keep a copy of the Project at a specific point in its development, e.g. just before comping a vocal, or before rendering a bunch of VSTi Tracks.


  • Use “Backup Project…” when you want to create a brand new totally independent Project based on an existing Project.
  • Use “Save as…” when you want to create a variant of an existing Project where both Projects will share the same audio files.
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