How to change the size of looped region

Is it possible in cubase to change the size of looped region like in Logic?


or Reaper


P.S. Ableton Live is also able to do this


I’m not aware this is possible in Cubase, sorry.

:(( Maybe Nuendo could do that?


If Nuendo could do this, Cubase could do this too. This is more “musician” use case. I’m sorry.

Not with the exact same workflow.
However, you can cut the MIDI part (what you refer to as a region), move the latter part and afterwards glue them back together.

You could also open the part in the Key Editor, select all the events that need to be moved and just move them to the right. If the events will surpass the right part boundary, Cubase will ask if the part should be made longer.

Or am I missing something?


It’s a bit different in Logic. As you can see the content is the “loop” is changing while dragging the parts border.

The only thing that I found more or less similar is using the selection tool on a given part with the Sizing applies time stretch option. The problem, when using it, is that it stretches also each MIDI events included in it, and I haven’t been able to find a way to keep the MIDI events at the same size while sizing the part (Freeze MIDI lengths and Fixed lengths features are useless, in this case…).

Once the part dimensioned, a treatment on it with the Logical Editor is possible afterwards, redimensioning the lengths of the events stretched, but it’s far from ideal, workflowwise… :thinking:

This feature in Logic is very very cool for making weird beats and it works across all selected tracks. Miss that function in Cubase so much :pensive:

Yep. Obviously, something is missing, here, like an added option for the Object selection tool : Sizing applies Iime Stretch keeping MIDI Events Lenghts, or something like that. It would be a first useful step… :neutral_face: