How to change the tempo of individual music?

I have Cubase Elements 9.5

Would you like to know if you can change the tempo of the song individually in it?

You do it from the Tempo Track Editor.
Tempo Track Editor. .png

This I know, but I want to change the individual time of the tracks, as in Cubase Elements 9.5?

The easiest way would be to use the select tool in its mode, resizing applies time stretch.

Does this work on imported audio?


I tried to pull the audio but it only copies the sound

Be sure to read the manual link carefully.

I can, can you tell when she’s after?

Thank you for the patience.

Could you tell me if there is any way I can create a time automation for each track?

What do you mean by “Time Automation”? Do you mean the ability to change the tempo over time on a per-track basis? If so, no. What you can do is use the Select tool in “Sizing Applies Time Stretch” mode. (and drag the lower right hand corner of the event)

Create a timeline like Ableton Live

When the band was arriving next time would increase

After using Sizing Applies Time Stretch, can you tell how long the track has been?

Maybe these will help? Creates a click track from the freely recorded performance, then stretch the whole song … the song will get sped up/slowed down. . Though he didn’t mention, I think the MIDI tracks need to be in Musical Time Base … but not sure, would have to try it to be sure. . This one is to “create a tempo map” , to create a click track for the drummer, or if you wanted to add a MIDI-based VST instrument (like VST Drums, etc.), or making external loops follow the track tempo. But even if that’s not what you need to do it’s pretty cool, and it supports and reinforces the first vid well He says “Mode” but that’s incorrect, it’s “Time Base”. "Remember, a good rule of thumb is: when changing to Linear Time Base, the start of the part/clip will remain at the same min:sec value, but its starting bar:beat value may change.

Conversely, when changing to Musical Time Base, the start of the part/clip will remain at the same bar:beat value, but its starting min:sec value may change."

(Btw,there’s a Project Logical Editor setting for one-click setting all of the tracks to Linear vs Musical Time Base).

Check out this thread too, it reinforces some of the above, and may have another tip or two somewhere in there:

I have Cubase Elements 9.5

Unfortunately some features of the video do not have in my version

That’s a drag, sorry.

Which tools in the vids are missing in 9.5?

  • Tempo Track

  • You can only add a Marker Track

  • Can not add time per track

  • Only the project mix can be exported

I hope the answer is that! LOL

There is a Tempo Track in Elements, it’s just not as fully featured s in Pro. It can be found under the Project menu (from memory).

(The OP is trying to change the tempo of tracks individually, not actually the project tempo )

Yes, in the info line.

I changed this track, but I do not see bpm changed to know which one to be