How to change the track name font in C8?

I would like to set my mobile setup (laptop) with a different font in the track names because it kind of looks well ugly.

In Big screens it’s ok, but with smaller ones it doesn’t look nice.

how to change this?


How can I make the track name font smaller?

Unfortunately the track name font and font size can’t be modified.

Track names font is SO big…

Same here.
I use 2x 23" Led FullHD monitor and the track names (I always use them in uppercase in this moment) are quite big (that isn’t the main problem) and fuzzy (as if i turn off “cleartype” in windows).

Please find a solution to let us adapt the text size and aspect as we need.

Agree completely about the font size. Also, for those of us on OS X using Retina displays it would make a whole world of difference if the app was updated to support it (Retina).

Track names and mixer channel names have gotten bigger/bolder while the plugin insert fonts have gotten way smaller. Font preferences is such a personal thing, involving monitors, eyesight etc - Steinberg definitely needs some sort of font customization scheme, especially considering all the color options we have had for so long.

Yes, yes, yes.

I think since the tech world is dominated by young folks with young eyeballs it never even dawns on them how significant this is. From a design perspective small fonts look soooooo cool for those who can see them.
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