How to change this square pan view to normal one


I can not find a way to change this squarish looking panorama module in Cubase PRO. Please see attachment.
Its looks like that only in one Mixconsole, while other two have “normal” looking pan controls 'stereo balance panner" and stereo combined panner".
Anyone knows hot to reset this view? I have also tried: Preferences/VST/default stereo Panner Mode - but does not apply its settings to Mixconsole.

Kind regards,

It’s because you have a surround channel somewhere (maybe a Group?). If any channel in the mixer requires a surround panner, then all the mixer channels look that way.

Great, and thank you for this en-lightment. Will search my console channels for either audio or VST surround plugin.
I did a check in VST connections but there i have only stereo od mono ins and outs.
While typing this reply I just found it: it was NI Abynth with surround panner.
Thanks again for you hint.