How to change time signature multiple times in Cubase 9

After a long search of how to change the time sig in the middle of the project in Cubase Elements 9, I found nothing. Tons of info for previous versions, which even info for Cubase 8 didn’t help. I just stumbled around Cubase until I found it.

How to do it:
In the Temp Track (CTRL+T in windows), there is a space below the bar numbers. At the very beginning, you’ll see the beginning time signature (4/4 by default). With the Draw Tool, click under any bar, and it will add a time signature at that bar. This new time signature is applied from that bar to the end of the project.

Now to find out the advanced stuff, like correctly transposed polyrhythms.

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Aren’t these issues covered by signature track and tempo tracks?


First Add a Signature Track.This can be done by right clicking and going to Add Track section.

Then using the pencil tool, insert separate events on that track at those places where you want to change the time signature. Enter the time signature required in these events.

The project will now follow different time signatures as inserted.

Perhaps the OP has in mind a situation where one instrument plays in simple time while another plays in compound time, or one is 3/4 and the other is 4/4, etc… That would require a different time signature for each track, even if there’s a shared tempo.

I don’t think there’s a convenient way to do that. Signature tracks dictate to the entire project. If one were using the score editor, it would be particularly grizzly. Something like a 1/16 time signature might satisfy MIDI but the score would be a torrent of disinformation.

Thanks for the info, faster and easier than the manual.