how to change timestretch?

at the moment I can only use the timestretch tool/audio process to change the tempo of a track without changing the pitch? can i change it so that it changes a track just like a vinyl disc would on a turntable if you slowed it down? so the slower you have it, the lower the pitch - this might be a different tool altogether, but it seems strange to not have this tool in the LE yet have the ability to do it without changing the pitch? which is surely more work for a programmer? because they would have to make the tool slow things down, and subsequently change the pitch back to the normal pitch without changing the tempo?

also id like to know how it is even possible to change the pitch of a track without changing the speed at which its played? i mean surely otherwise they wouldnt have recorded all the alvin and the chipmunks things at half the speed of the picture if there was a way of doing it without changing the speed?

If your version of Cubase has the élastique tape algorithm, which it probably hasn´t, since only Cubase full has it IIRC…

Well, certainly they don´t programm an entire LE Version from scratch - they take the full version and leave features out for the other versions, so I´m sure, you don´t need to worry about the programmers.

Sure, it´s called transpose…

What I mean is transposing is surely a more difficult process than just changing the speed (and subsequently the pitch)

Sure, it´s called transpose…[/quote]

what its called doesnt really explain how it works, obviously you can transpose anything on paper, but once youve already got the recorded file how does it work

Soory, read it as “if it is even possible”…


Tom: thinkingcap is right. Check out Cubase 7 for the élastique tape algorithm

which can do like what you talked about with your turntable

  1. elasttique pro - Time
  2. elasttique pro - pitch
  3. elasttique pro - tape ( this one is the vari speed algorithm like on an analog tape recorder or your turntable) :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

alright fair enough cheers guys

It is so difficult for me with the new Cubase 7 to change pitch of the overall tracks at the same time just like a tape machine with pitch control, I do not want to crrect pitch I want to lower the pitch couple of semitones then record a vocal that I couldn’t reach the higher notes and then bring back the pitch to normal while bringing my recorded vocal up . Tell me why it was easy back then and now its too complicated to do such an easy task. This is a old trick and it was only one knob that did it. I know waves, Quick Quack has the software but it should be there in my Cubase 7, Please Educate me how to do it. I do not want to change some of the pitch I want to change all and after recording Vocal then bringing it back. I have seen videos on pitch correction stretching and million other related things but not one on Wat I’m talking about. And if it is no such feature IT SHOULD BE.

It´s there in Cubase 7 and as I wrote already it´s called “transpose”